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Trudeau refuses to resign after claims he tried to meddle in multi-million-dollar bribery probe

Justin Trudeau has dismissed calls to resign amid explosive allegations from Canada’s ex-attorney general, who testified that the prime minister tried to pressure her to drop a bribery probe into a Quebec-based firm.
Former minister of justice and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould told parliament’s justice committee on Wednesday that senior officials “barraged” her with requests to drop criminal charges against SNC Lavalin, a Canadian engineering company accused of using bribes to secure government contracts in Libya. 
Wilson-Raybould testified that the intense political pressure included “veiled threats” and even attempts by Trudeau to persuade her to shut down the proceedings in favor of a wrist-slap fine.
“I experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the attorney general of Canada in an inappropriate effort,” she said in her opening statement.
The prime…

Israel slams ‘absurd’ UN report suggesting potential war crimes against Gaza protesters

Tel Aviv has fired back at a UN report alleging that Israeli forces may have committed war crimes when they killed dozens of Palestinian demonstrators during Gaza border protests last year, describing the claim as “absurd.”
Acting Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a statement that the UN Human Rights Council had “produced another hostile, mendacious and slanted report against the State of Israel ... No one can deny Israel the right of self-defense and the obligation to defend its citizens and borders from violent attacks.”
He dismissed the report’s findings as “theatre of the absurd.”
The UN inquiry, which released its findings on Thursday, concluded that Palestinian demonstrators “did not pose an imminent threat of death or serious injury to others when they were shot, nor were they directly participating in hostilities.”
The commission said Israel’s use of live fire during last year’s protests was unlawful, while also calling on Palestinians to cease the use of incendiary kites and b…

No deal, but Kim Jong-un promised no missile tests – Trump

Despite no formal deal being reached, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that he wouldn’t test weapons or anything nuclear-related, US President Donald Trump told reporters after the aborted Hanoi summit.
Pressed by reporters about potential fallout over the failure to reach a denuclearization agreement with the North Korean leader, Trump stated that he had received assurances that Pyongyang will continue to halt weapons development.
“He said the testing will not start,” Trump said of Kim. “He said he’s not going to do testing of rockets or missiles or anything having to do with nuclear. 
And all I can tell is that’s what he said, and we’ll see.”
Trump and Kim’s Hanoi, Vietnam summit came to an abrupt end on Thursday after the two sides failed to reach a consensus on appropriate steps Pyongyang must take in order for US sanctions to be lifted. 
Kim reportedly promised to dismantle a nuclear facility at Yongbyon in exchange for the lifting of all sanctions – but Washington wanted more con…

Pakistani PM says Indian pilot to be released Friday as peace gesture

In a parliamentary address, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that the Indian Air Force pilot shot down and captured over Pakistan will be released tomorrow as a gesture of peace, stressing need for dialogue.
"As a peace gesture we will be releasing him tomorrow," Khan said, adding that "all issues should be resolved through dialogue.”
Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s jet was shot down Wednesday in Pakistani airspace while flying over Kashmir, the hot-spot in rising tensions between the rival nations. 
After ejecting from the aircraft, he was mobbed by angry civilians and had to be rescued by Pakistani soldiers.
India’s Ministry of External Affairs admitted the loss of the aircraft on Wednesday, but announced that a Pakistani warplane had also been taken down. 
The countries began trading blows after New Delhi launched a strike against suspected terrorist camps in Pakistani territory Tuesday.
India justified the strikes by saying that it was in response to Pakistani-ba…

Nature brings part of Israel’s separation wall down as Palestinians rejoice

Heavy rain and flooding in Jerusalem caused Israel’s separation wall to smash open, allowing Palestinians to see the rest of East Jerusalem, temporarily, at least.
Severe rain caused a section of the wall to fall at the Shuafat refugee camp near Anata in East Jerusalem on Wednesday, after the ground it was built on collapsed, revealing a wide open space where the towering concrete stood moments before.
Palestinians are seen celebrating in footage filmed at the wall, with many taking in the new unobscured view of East Jerusalem.
The Separation Barrier, dubbed the apartheid wall by critics, snakes around the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with 85 percent of the wall encroaching as much as 18km (11 miles) inside Palestinian territory. 
The wall is 8 meters (26 ft) high in parts and blocks Shuafat’s 30,000 residents from accessing the rest of East Jerusalem without going through checkpoints.
As footage of the hole in the wall began to circulate, social media users commented on the usual sight, …

India puts weapon systems and navy on high alert, says Pakistani bombs hit military targets

Announcing that a Pakistani warplane downed Wednesday had targeted military sites, India’s air force, navy and army declared they’re on high alert and are poised to defeat further threats.
India’s military gave their take on the downing of the Pakistani warplane in its airspace on Thursday.
Major General Surinder Singh Mahal said the jet dropped bombs which struck Indian military sites, but did not cause significant damage.
“The fact is that Pakistan targeted military installations but we thwarted their plans. 
The bombs were unable to cause any significant damage due to swift IAF action,” the major general declared.
In response, the country’s weapons systems have been readied and mechanized forces placed on stand-by.
We are fully prepared to respond to any provocation.
In the event of further aggression, Rear Admiral D.S. Gujral assured a “resolute, swift and strong response” by the Indian Navy, which has been “deployed in a high state of readiness and remains poised in three dimensions, on…

India shows wreckage of US-made MISSILE used by Pakistan to hit its jet

The Indian Air force (IAF) has shown off the wreckage of a US-made missile, which it says “conclusively proves” Pakistani jets attacked Indian military bases. 
Pakistan had previously denied sending its warplanes.
IAF Air Vice Marshall RGK Kapoor told reporters, at a press conference on Thursday, that an Indian MiG-21 Bison shot down a Pakistani Air Force (PAF) F-16 one day earlier. 
The F-16 was one of several that attacked Indian military bases, Kapoor said.
Although Islamabad denied using F-16s in the attack, and claimed that no Pakistani aircraft were hit, the IAF revealed photos of the remnants of a US-made AIM-120 AMRAAM missile which it says “conclusively proves” the Pakistani jets were involved.
The PAF ordered 500 AMRAAM missiles in 2006 as part of a $650 million F-16 ammunition contract with Washington. 
Manufactured by Raytheon, the AMRAAM is a medium-range, all-weather, guided missile used by the United States and 33 other countries worldwide.

Israeli PM Netanyahu to be indicted in corruption cases, pending hearing – Justice Ministry

Israel’s Attorney General has indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in several corruption cases. 
The charges include bribery, fraud and breach of trust, and the PM will be given the chance to appeal before they are filed.
Netanuyahu is currently seeking a fourth consecutive term as PM, and denies any wrongdoing. 
His party, Likud, has called the charges “Political persecution.” Netanyahu himself dismissed the cases against him as a "witch hunt" and told reporters that he intends to stay on as PM "for many more years."
With Israelis set to cast their votes in April, the indictment comes at a crucial time for Netanyahu. 
Before the charges were announced on Thursday, Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected a petition by Likud to block the announcement. 
The party’s legal adviser, Avi Halevy, called Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s public revelation of the charges “unprecedented interference” in the upcoming election.
Whether the charges will actually be filed or …

N. Korea offered to halt nuclear, long-range rocket testing for partial relief of sanctions - FM

North Korea offered a “realistic proposal” to halt nuclear and missile tests in exchange for partial sanctions relief, Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told reporters in Hanoi after the failed Trump-Kim summit.
North Korea demanded the partial lifting of sanctions that “that hamper the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people,” specifically parts of five UN resolutions from 2016 and 2017. There are 11 resolutions in total imposing sanctions on North Korea.
In exchange for partial lifting of sanctions by the US, North Korea would permanently remove plutonium and uranium processing facilities and Yongbyon, in the presence of US experts, Ri said, adding that the "US was not ready to accept our proposal."
The North Korean official said Washington demanded “one more” measure beyond dismantling Yongbyon, which went too far for Pyongyang.
North Korea also offered written assurances of permanently desisting from nuclear and long-range missile testing. Ri explained that Pyongyang ask…

دادستان اسرائیل از نتانیاهو اعلام جرم می‌کند

دادستان کل اسرائیل گفته بنا دارد بنیامین نتانیاهو، نخست وزیر اسرائیل را به اتهام ارتشاء و فساد مالی به دادگاه ببرد.
آویچای مندلیلبت گفته آقای نتانیاهو در سه زمینه متهم به قانون‌شکنی است.
طرح این پرونده در آستانه انتخابات اسرائیل می‌تواند برای آقای نتانیاهو با کاهش محبوبیت تمام شود.

بازرسان سازمان ملل: نیروهای امنیتی اسرائیل ممکن است در غزه مرتکب جنایت جنگی شده باشند

بازرسان سازمان ملل اعلام کردند که نیروهای امنیتی اسرائیل ممکن است در جریان کشتن ۱۸۹فلسطینی و زخمی کردن ۶۱۰۰نفر دیگر در جریان تظاهرات هفتگی در غزه، مرتکب «جنایت جنگی» و «جنایت علیه بشریت» شده باشند.
به گزارش رویترز، این گروه گفته‌اند اطلاعات محرمانه‌ای درباره کسانی در اختیار دارد که مسئول این قتل‌‌ها بودند، از جمله تک‌تیراندازها و فرماندهان آن‌ها.
هم‌زمان سرپرست وزارت خارجه اسرائیل، ضمن رد این اتهام‌ها و توصیف کردن آن به عنوان «تئاتری ابزورد»، در اطلاعیه‌ای گفت: «کسی نمی‌تواند حق اسرائیل برای دفاع از خود، شهروندان و مرزهایش در مقابل حمله‌های خشونت‌آمیز را رد کند».
براساس گزارش بازرسان سازمان ملل، نیروهای امنیتی اسرائیل اقدام به کشتن فلسطینی‌هایی کرده‌اند که «تهدیدی جدی برای کشتن یا زخمی کردن دیگران محسوب نمی‌شدند و به طور مستقیم هم در درگیری‌ها حاضر نبوده‌اند».
براساس این گزارش، در این درگیری‌ها ۲۵کودک، دو روزنامه‌نگار و سه نیروی امدادی کشته شده‌اند.

سیل در کالیفرنیا باعث تخریب ۲ هزار واحد مسکونی شد

وقوع سیل در مناطق شمالی ایالت کالیفرنیا باعث تخریب دو هزار واحد مسکونی و صدور دستور تخلیه ۳۵۰۰نفر از شهروندان این منطقه شده است.
به گزارش آسوشیتدپرس، مقام‌های محلی گفته‌اند ارتفاع آب رودخانه «روسی» در شمال سانفرانسیکو به ۱۴متر رسیده است. 
این رودخانه همواره هنگام بارش باران طغیان بوده، اما رسیدن آب به چنین ارتفاعی در ۲۵سال گذشته بی‌سابقه است.
سیل تاکنون باعث تخریب بیش از ۲هزار واحد مسکونی شده است. 
گرچه تاکنون خبری درباره زخمی شدن افراد در این سیل گزارش نشده، اما ۳۵۰۰نفر مجبور به تخلیه محل زندگی خود هستند.
مناطق متعددی در ایالت کالیفرنیا طی روزهای گذشته شاهد ثبت رکورد بارش در یک منطقه بوده‌اند.

مذاکرات آمریکا و کره شمالی 'بدون توافق' به پایان رسید

نشست کیم جونگ اون و دونالد ترامپ در هانوی ویتنام زودتر از موعد مقرر به پایان رسیده و کاخ سفید تائید کرده مذاکرات آمریکا و کره شمالی بدون توافق به پایان رسیده است.
کاخ سفید گفته است مذاکرات دونالد ترامپ، رئیس‌جمهوری آمریکا و کیم جونگ اون، رهبر کره شمالی "بسیار خوب و سازنده" بوده‌اند اما مذاکرات به نتیجه‌ای نرسیده است.
به گفته مقام‌های آمریکایی فعلا قراری برای برپایی یک نشست دیگر گذاشته نشده است.
آقای ترامپ هم در یک نشست خبری گفته است روابط "مستحکمی" با کیم جونگ اون دارد اما تصمیم گرفته شده فعلا چیزی امضا نشود. 
آقای ترامپ گفت: "ما از او (کیم) خواستیم اقدامات بیشتری انجام دهد او آماده نبود."
آقای ترامپ گفته است کیم جونگ اون خواهان برداشته شدن همه تحریم‌ها بود اما "ما نمی‌توانستیم چنین کاری بکنیم." رئیس‌جمهوری آمریکا گفته است آقای کیم به او گفته کشورش دست به آزمایش هسته‌ای و موشکی نخواهد زد. 
او گفته است به رهبر کره شمالی اعتماد دارد.
قرار است مذاکرات دو طرف ادامه داشته باشند. 
کره شمالی هنوز در این باره اظهارنظری نکرده است.
مذاکرات روسای جمهوری آمریکا و کره…

درخواست قدرت‌های جهان از سازمان ملل: قراردادن رهبر جیش محمد در فهرست سیاه

آمریکا، فرانسه و بریتانیا طرح پیشنهادی تازه‌ای را در مورد قراردادن مسعود اظهر، رهبر گروه شبه نظامی "جیش محمد" در فهرست تروریستی به سازمان ملل ارائه کرده‌اند.
این گروه شبه نظامی که در پاکستان مستقر است، مسئولیت حمله انتحاری اخیر به کشمیر تحت کنترل هند را به عهده گرفته است.
در جریان این حمله که دو هفته پیش انجام شد، ۴۰نفر از نیروهای هند کشته و شماری دیگر هم مجروح شدند.
این حمله به رویارویی نظامی بین دو کشور دامن زده است.
پیشتر تلاش‌های سازمان ملل برای قرار گرفتن نام رهبر این گروه در فهرست سیاه با مخالفت چین روبرو شد.
در همین حال آمریکا از این دو کشور خواسته تا از دست زدن به اقدامات نظامی بیشتر علیه یکدیگر خودداری کنند.
روز گذشته (چهارشنبه۲۷فوریه)، پاکستان از سرنگونی یک جنگنده هند و به اسارت گرفتن خلبان آن خبر داد. 
پس از آن هند از پاکستان خواست تا فورا خلبان این جنگنده را آزاد کند.
این اقدام در حالی از سوی پاکستان انجام شد که یک روز پیشتراز آن ( سه شنبه ۲۶فوریه)، هند یک اردوگاه شبه نظامیان را در پاکستان هدف حمله هوایی قرار داد.
درگیری هوایی در منطقه مرزی مورد مناقشه کشمیر میان هند و پا…