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Russophobia Digest Part 4: Fear-mongering on the high seas & illegal ‘penetration’ in Florida

A rich cast of characters entered the world of Russophobia this week, including an angry Hollywood actress, a Swedish expert who has a stereotype for every occasion, and a Florida senator obsessed with “penetration.”

RT takes a look at the last seven days of Russophobia.

Now you sea me

We start with one of the classic scare stories in the thriving Russophobia genre: 

Russian Warships passing through the English channel. 

‘Putin’s armed forces ratchet up pressure on the Royal Navy’ screamed the headline in the famously-subdued Daily Mail.

The Russian destroyer ‘Severomorsk’ and cruiser’ Marshal Ustinov’ were sailing past Britain out into the Atlantic. 

They weren’t trying to launch World War III, but they were going that way because, and we’ve checked some maps to make sure, that is how you get to the Atlantic.

The commander of the Royal Navy’s HMS Diamond (not the scariest sounding of warships) said: “While many families are enjoying their summer holidays, my ship’s company are working hard at sea to keep Britain safe.”

Safe from what? A two-Russian ship recreation of D-Day? Get a grip.

Stereotypes on the National News

Staying at sea, a slow news day in Sweden was the perfect chance for some Russophobia on a national news bulletin. 

After a cargo ship ran aground near the city of Helsingborg, the captain was found to be drunk and Russian. Ok, that’s a fair cop – but is it a lead story?

However, the report contained some top-level Russophobic analysis from maritime expert Mikael Huss who explained simply that, “Russians drink, it’s in their culture.” 

It’s alright though, racism doesn’t count if it’s a Russian, remember.

I wonder what Swedish captains do: eat herring whilst listening to Abba, before committing suicide by jumping off the roof of Ikea? It’s in their culture after all.

Lefty actress racked with Russophobia

This week Actress Alyssa Milano provided the perfect demonstration of what a person suffering from the advanced stages of Russophobia looks like. 

In a special election for Congress in Ohio, the Democrat challenger Danny O’Connor failed to win outright, but could still take victory once the count ends next week.

Part of the reason the Dems have so far failed to secure victory in the extremely tight race is because the Green Party picked up more than 1,000 votes too.

Well, the electoral records show it was the Green Party attracting support, but Alyssa Milano knows different. 

It wasn’t people worried about the future of planet Earth and the environment who voted Green …. can you guess who she thinks it was? 

Here’s a clue, it begins with R, it ends in ‘ussians,’ and it rhymes with Russians. 

All those Green ballots were “Russian meddling” of course.

Yep, if the Dems don’t win, it’s because the Russkies stepped in.

Penetration obsessed Senator

The 75-year-old Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is one step ahead of Milano, and he’s playing the Russophobia card before any elections have even taken place. 

He warned that Russians have “penetrated” voter registration systems in his state.   

“They have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about,” Nelson said.  

His use of the word ‘They’ tells you everything you need to know about how far his paranoia has advanced. 

‘They now have free rein to move about:’ Well yes Senator, Russians haven’t been rounded up and sent to Guantanamo just yet, although who knows what will happen if Russophobes like this keep winning elections.

The Florida Department of State, and Homeland Security both responded to Nelson’s ramblings.  

To paraphrase their exact statements, both said “we don’t know what the old fella is talking about.”


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