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143k civilians & rebels left E. Ghouta amid humanitarian ceasefire – Russian MoD

Over 143,000 people, including tens of thousands of rebels and their families, have left Syria's eastern Ghouta amid a ceasefire which also helped some 40,000 residents return to their homes, the Russian military said.

"143,194 people in total, including 105,857 civilians as well as 13,793 militants and 23,544 members of their families have left eastern Ghouta during humanitarian pauses," Sergey Rudskoy, Deputy Chief of Russian General Staff, said at a news briefing on Friday.
The evacuation is being monitored by the UN and other aid agencies, and a live broadcast of escape routes is available on the Russian Defense Ministry's website, it said. 
Russia's Reconciliation Center is negotiating another evacuation from the town of Douma, one of the last remaining strongholds controlled by militants.
Meanwhile, life is returning to normal in villages and settlements in Ghouta province. Displaced persons are returning to "areas liberated from armed groups," Genera…

Sahara desert is 10 percent bigger than 100 years ago

Climate change is partly to blame for a startling increase in the size of the Sahara Desert over the past one hundred years. 

According to a new study, the world’s largest desert has expanded by 10 percent since 1920.
Researchers from the University of Maryland studied rainfall data to measure boundary changes of the desert and found that higher summer temperatures coupled with dry winters are increasing the overall aridity of the land. 
The expansion of the desert also spells trouble for humans and ecosystems in the Sahel, the transition zone between the desert and the lush green lands of the Savannah to the south.
"The trends in Africa of hot summers getting hotter and rainy seasons drying out are linked with factors that include increasing greenhouse gases and aerosols in the atmosphere," said Ming Cai, program director at the National Science Foundation, the group that funded the study. 
"These trends have a devastating effect on the lives of African people.”
In the study…

Friends, family, public flock to funeral of physicist Stephen Hawking

Well-wishers filled the streets of Cambridge on Saturday for the funeral of British physicist Stephen Hawking, hailed by another leading scientist as “an imprisoned mind roaming the cosmos”.

Hawking, crippled since a young man by a degenerative disease, beat the odds stacked against him to became the most celebrated scientist of his era. 
His work ranged from the origins of the universe itself, through time travel and probing black holes in space.
He achieved international renown after the publication of ““A Brief History of Time” in 1988.
His coffin was topped with white “Universe” lilies and white “Polar Star” roses and carried by pallbearers from the University of Cambridge, where he worked. 
It was greeted by a large crowd outside the church who clapped as it was carried in.
The 76-year-old scientist was mourned by his children Robert, Lucy and Timothy, joined by guests including playwright Alan Bennett, businessman Elon Musk and model Lily Cole.
Eddie Redmayne, the actor who played Prof…

Israeli troops wound dozens on Gaza border as Palestinians bury dead from earlier violence

Israeli troops shot and wounded about 70 Palestinians among crowds demonstrating at the Gaza-Israel border on Saturday, health officials said, after one of the deadliest days of unrest in the area in years.

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Gaza in funerals for the 15 people killed by Israeli gunfire on Friday, and a national day of mourning was observed in the enclave and in the occupied West Bank.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel was responsible for the violence. 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was protecting its sovereignty and citizens.
An Israeli military spokesman said he was checking the details of Saturday’s unrest. 
It broke out when Palestinians gathered on the border between the Hamas-run enclave and Israel then began throwing stones. 
Palestinian health officials said about 70 were wounded.
On Friday at least 15 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces confronting protesters. 
The military said some had shot at them…

Major fire at Yemen's Hodeidah port destroys aid supplies

A fire broke out at the Houthi-controlled Yemeni port of Hodeidah early on Saturday, destroying warehouses filled with cooking fuel and foodstuffs, port workers said.
They told Reuters that, as of 1100 GMT, fire trucks had not been able to put out the blaze in the warehousing area, which they said appeared to have been caused by an electrical short circuit.
Reuters television footage showed thick plumes of smoke rising into the air and fire fighters dousing flames.
Hodeidah port, on the Red Sea, handles the bulk of Yemen’s imports, including critically-needed food and aid supplies. 
The three-year war in the country, which was already the Arab world’s poorest, has pushed it to the verge of famine.
“The fire destroyed huge amounts of fuel and humanitarian aid and foodstuff,” a U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) employee told Reuters by telephone, adding that there would be an investigation to determine the cause.
The Houthi-run Saba news agency reported the fire at the port, but did not mention…

Syrian army command says it has regained most of eastern Ghouta

The Syrian army command said on Saturday it had regained most of the towns and villages in eastern Ghouta and was pressing its military operations in the last rebel bastion of Douma.

In a televised statement, the Syrian army spokesman said the weeks-long military campaign had now brought security to the Syrian capital, Damascus, and also secured its main links to other parts of the country, stretching north and all the way to the Iraqi border to the east.
A last group of fighters and families had earlier left the main towns of Jobar, Zamalka, Arbeen and Ain Tarma after the fall of other towns, leaving only the city of Douma still in rebel hands.
Footage on state television showed top army commanders entering by the same route the rebel convoys had used to leave.
Tens of thousands of people have now evacuated once-bustling towns in the suburbs east of the capital, which had nearly 2 million people before the start of the conflict and were major commercial and industrial hubs.
The army comma…

NASA Confession: American Citizens Are Being Dosed With Lithium and Other Chemicals by Air

There has been a great deal of talk about chemtrails, and many believe that the government in the USA is up to something while others are more skeptical. 

However, things were made clearer when a video showing an employee of NASA admitting that lithium has been sprayed into the atmosphere.

Vapor Tracer Is Injected Into Upper Atmosphere of Planet

The video shows a woman talking with an employee of NASA who admits that lithium was used in the air. 
However, rather than trying to stem this video NASA have made posts about it on their website.

Anyone who has been following the Awareness Act will know all about chemtrails, but we are talking about something that is a little different, vapor tracer. 
These are something that is injected into the upper part of the atmosphere for us to get a better understanding of the planet. 
Depending on the vapor type that is being dispersed the vapor clouds might be different in color. 
The clouds that include lithium light up red at night and they may be seen i…

ترکيه: اعزام نيروهای فرانسوی به سوريه «اشغالگری» است

همزمان با تشديد تنش در روابط آنکارا و پاريس، دولت ترکيه در مورد افزايش حضور نظامی فرانسه در سوريه هشدار داد و گفت چنين اقدامی «اشغالگری» خواهد بود.
پس از ملاقات روز پنجشنبه امانوئل مکرون، رئيس‌جمهوری فرانسه با يک هيات نمايندگی از نيروهای دمکراتيک سوريه که بخش اعظم آن را پيکارجويان کرد تشکيل می‌دهند تنش در مناسبات ترکيه و فرانسه شدت يافت.
مقامات کرد پس از اين ملاقات گفتند فرانسه تصميم دارد به منبج، شهری که در کنترل يگان‌های مدافع خلق است نيروهای بيشتری بفرستد. اما دولت فرانسه چنين تصميمی را تکذيب کرد.
نورالدين چانيکلی، وزير دفاع ترکيه، روز شنبه ۱۱ فروردین گفت: «اگر فرانسه در مورد حضور نظامی آن کشور در شمال سوريه اقدام کند يک عمل غيرقانونی و در واقع بر خلاف قوانين بين‌المللی است و اشغالگری خواهد بود».
او افزود: «بخصوص اگر هدف آنها حمايت از گروه‌های تروريستی و يا حمايت مستقيم يا غيرمستقيم از آنها توسط نيروهای مسلح فرانسه باشد يک اقدام خطرناک و فاجعه‌بار خواهد بود».
ارتش ترکيه از روز ۲۰ ژانويه عمليات نظامی گسترده‌ای عليه يگان‌های مدافع خلق در ناحيه عفرين واقع در شمال سوريه را آغاز کرد و روز ۱۸…

روسیه، ده ها دیپلمات از ۲۳ کشور را اخراج کرد

در ادامه رویارویی دیپلماتیک روسیه با کشورهای غربی به دلیل مسمومیت سرگئی اسکریپال، جاسوس سابق روس در خاک بریتانیا، مسکو روز جمعه دهم فروردین اعلام کرد که ۵۹ دیپلمات از ۲۳ کشور مختلف را اخراج می کند.
به گزارش رویترز، روسیه اعلام کرده است که این اقدام را در واکنش اخراج دیپلمات هایش از کشورهای غربی پس از مسمومیت سرگئی اسکریپال،‌ جاسوس سابق روس،و دخترش یولیا با سم اعصاب در شهر سالیزبری بریتانیا، انجام داده است.
وزارت خارجه روسیه روز جمعه سفرا یا اعضای ارشد سفارتخانه های اکثر کشورهای غربی که دست به اخراج دیپلمات های روس زده اند را احضار کرد.
لوری بریستو، سفیر بریتانیا در مسکو نیز روز جمعه به وزارت امور خارجه روسیه احضار شده است. بریتانیا پیشتر در واکنش به مسموم شدن سرگئی اسکریپال و دخترش ۲۳ دیپلمات روس را اخراج کرد.
وزارت خارجه روسیه می گوید، به لوری بریستو گفته شده که یک ماه مهلت دارد تا تعداد کارکنان مراکز دیپلماتیک بریتانیا در روسیه کاهش دهد و با شمار کارکنان دیپلماتیک روسیه در بریتانیا برابر شود.
با این حال وزارت امور خارجه روسیه مشخص نکرده است که چه تعداد از کارکنان دیپلماتیک بریتانیا در ای…

هشدار ارتش اسرائیل به گسترش حملات علیه نوار غزه

در حالی که فلسطینیان غزه شنبه یازدهم فروردین همزمان با خاکسپاری هفده کشته رخدادهای خونین روز جمعه، از افزایش شمار زخمی‌ها در درگیری‌های جدید در مرزهای این باریکه خبر دادند، ارتش اسرائیل نیز هشدار داد که حملات به غزه را ممکن است از نواحی مرزی به سایر نقاط غزه گسترش دهد.
به گزارش خبرگزاری‌ها، سرهنگ رونن مانلیس، سخنگوی ارتش اسرائیل، روز شنبه گفت اگر خشونت‌های مرزی غزه ادامه یابد، اسرائیل محدوده واکنش‌های خود را برای «سرکوب تندروها» گسترش خواهد داد.
فلسطینیان کرانه باختری و نوار غزه و همچنین اعراب شهروند اسرائیل هر سال در روز سی‌ام ماه مارس، به یاد وقایع خونین اعتراضی سال ۱۹۷۶، تظاهراتی با عنوان «روز زمین» برگزار می‌کنند.
اما حماس و سایر گروه‌های فلسطینی از مدت‌ها پیش فراخوان داده‌اند که مراسم امسال را به مناسبت هفتادمین سالروز تأسیس کشور اسرائیل و انتقال سفارت آمریکا به اورشلیم/بیت‌المقدس تا شش هفته ادامه خواهند داد.
به گفته سرهنگ منلیس، ارتش اسرائیل در واکنش به فلسطینیانی که در درگیری‌های مرزی شرکت کرده و «درصدد عبور از مرز» بوده‌اند، «به صورت محدود» عمل کرده اما در صورت ادامه این وضعیت، اس…