An experienced treasure hunter in New Mexico believes that he may have unearthed the skull of a Chupacabra! 

The Chupacabra (which comes from the Spanish words for "Goat Sucker" because it is known to attack goats like a vampire, sucking their blood) is a widely known in cryptozoology. 

The first sightings were in Puero Rico over two decades ago, but it is not unusual for activity to be reported around the US-Mexico border.

Some reports indicate that the creature appears to be somewhat reptilian, with claws and scales, although it stands on two legs. 

On the other hand, competing reports, mostly from the US, note a creature that resembles a wild dog, although larger, with massive claws and fangs, more aggressive, and with glowing eyes. 


Armed with a high quality metal detector and his canine companion, Martin Mcosker has been scouring the South-West United States for riches for a decade and a half, and has managed to find many unusual items and artifacts in his travels. 

This time, it was his dog that was responsible for discovering one of Mcosker's most fascinating and tantalizing discoveries: an intimidating animal skull with large fangs that he believes may be from a Chupacabra. 

His dog first sniffed out a decomposing creature in some dirt, which led Mcosker to investigate the area and recover the mysterious skull When asked what made him believe that the skill was from the infamous blood-sucking cryptid, Mcosker explained to the local TV station, KOB, "I couldn't think of anything else that it could be. 

I mean look at the teeth on the thing. 

They're huge!" Explaining that he was relieved that his dog did not find the creature while it was still alive because of how clearly dangerous it was judging from the fangs, the amazed treasure hunter marveled about the skull, "this is what nightmares are made of." 

Of course, many skeptics will disagree with Mcosker's assessment that the remains came from a chupacabra. 

However, even they likely would have to admit that the monstrous and intimidating nature of the skull is, some quality nightmare fuel and hard to match to any known animal. It is certainly a remarkable discovery.