Media target Flat Earth Theory. Inspired by the government and NASA's denials and misdirection, various media continue to attempt to disparage the idea that the Earth is disc-shaped rather than spherical. 

Members of the Flat Earth Society claim that satellite photos of the Earth as a sphere are part of an elaborate 'round Earth conspiracy' orchestrated by NASA.


“In a nutshell, it would logically cost much less to fake a space program than to actually have one, so this in on the Conspiracy profit from the funding NASA and other space agencies receive from the government,” the group’s page explains. 

Articles and similar products have been released regularly for some time that sarcastically questions elements of the theory while providing no conclusive or acceptable evidence that these elements are incorrect. 

Articles such as these have the result of continuously throwing doubt over and repulsion towards the research of Flat Earth theorists by presenting their evidence in such a mocking tone that they are held in ridicule. 

Government agencies themselves, especially NASA, openly deny and refute the theorist's evidence leading to the continued ignorance of the general population. 

It is, naturally, in the best interests of the government to continue the deception and this method of making a mockery, unjustified as it may be, of ideas that question their agenda, has the effect of keeping the public in the dark. 

There is much evidence to suggest not only is the Earth flat, but the space program itself is a brilliant cover for the misdirection of taxpayer funds, among other things. 

The greatest evidence that is presented takes the form of photographs and footage of earth from space, but these are too simple to manipulate to give serious weight too. 

It is not as far-fetched as many would believe that the government can keep its deception under wraps. 

They have direct control over what information is released to the public, and they possess the technology to mislead airlines as to their flight patterns, altering their perception. 

They have a strong influence over the official media that other groups take their cues and information from. 

Despite this, Flat Earth Theory along with others that question and expose the intentions and capabilities of organized government bodies continue to grow and expand, reaching a wider audience. 

As these official bodies are unable to come up with acceptable evidence to disprove this theory, their only recourse is to discredit.