How long until we find some form of Alien life? 

Humanity is searching the skies for signs of alien presence once more. 

We're using tools such as SETI and the Breakthrough Listen initiative. 

However, when will we truly find what we want?

The Milky Way by it self-has an estimated 30 billion stars that host 9 billion habitable, Earth sized planet. 

Maybe some form of alien life has taken root on any of these mysterious planets? 

A poll shows that more than half of the responders share a common belief that we will discover extraterrestrial life in the first half of the 21st century. 

Also, the decade that received the most votes which were about 27 percent is the soonest, during the 2020s. 

Even though little work has been published bodily sounds that can be detected by bodily sounds, the ability that we possess to look for different signs of life is advancing very quickly. 

Examples include James Webb Space Telescope, which is reportedly seven times stronger than the Hubble telescope, also the Breakthrough Listen Initiative as well. 

The initiative is apparently going through the process of a 10-year survey for signs of life from the 1 million stars that are closest to Earth using the most powerful instruments available. 

The Breakthrough Website is claiming that their equipment can detect a 100-watt laser from 25 trillion miles away which is very interesting. 

Breakthrough Listen researchers have already published 11 "events" that they have faith in that could be caused by aliens. 

Interstellar signals like fast radio bursts have many scientists thinking that we might be on the verge of announcing that aliens might truly exist. 

"The chances are getting better with every passing year, "said Vakoch during an interview with Space. Com. 

He also was open to the idea that within the next decade we might discover that we might not be alone in the universe. 

However, the extraterrestrial life that we discover might not be an advanced civilization, many experts believe. 

While the sophistication of our technology is increasing, many astronomers are optimistic with good reasons about our prospects of discovering alien life. 

There is also a possibility that we have wrong ideas about how aliens communicate. 

Even though for now all we can do is predict what we think about the possibility of aliens, that day where we finally figure this all out is years away.


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