The so-called dark side of the Moon is considered to be one of the most mysterious places in the universe. 

Despite the fact that it lies so close to Earth, it is never actually visible from the planet because of a quirk of its gravitational orbit. 

The fact that humans cannot see the dark side of the Moon essentially makes it a great place to hide something of major significance. Could it be that something is hidden there?

The Moon rotates only once for every single orbit that it makes around the Earth and the gravitational forces of the planet have slowed its movements so that only one side of the natural satellite only faces the planet Earth. 

This means that for most of human history, people have been completely in the dark about what could be lurking on the dark side of the Moon. 

Indeed, it was not until 1959 when the Soviet Union’s Luna 3 spacecraft flew to the dark side that the rest of the world could see it for the first time. 

The first images of the dark side of the moon were of very poor quality but seemed to indicate that the dark side was almost identical to the lifeless, bleak landscape of the near side of the Moon. 

Following the Soviet Union mission to the dark side of the Moon, there have been numerous trips by humans to the enigmatic region of the natural satellite including the famed Apollo missions to the Moon by NASA. 

Efforts by various space agencies over the years mean that the public now has access to numerous maps detailing the composition of the landscape of the dark side of the Moon as well as a huge number of photographs of the bleak landscape. 

But despite all of these images, suspicions still persist that there is something mysterious going on in the region. 


It makes sense that if there was an advanced alien race who wanted to study humanity then they would make the dark side of the Moon their base. 

It would allow them easy access to the planet without ever running the risk of being seen by sky watchers. 

This theory would only be an outlandish fantasy if it were not for the fact that numerous insiders have come forward in the past few decades seeming to confirm it. 

In 1989, a former intelligence officer for the US Navy named Milton William Cooper came forward to swear under oath that the US government were aware of extra-terrestrial activity on Earth and that these particular aliens had a base on the far side of the Moon. 

Sensationally, Cooper also claimed that the base was seen and filmed by the Apollo astronauts who also captured footage of a large mining operation and numerous spacecrafts. 

Cooper was killed in 2001 in suspicious circumstances when his Arizona home was raided by law enforcement agents investigating allegations of tax evasion. 

The official report claims that Cooper opened fire on the officers first. 

In 1994, Cooper’s statements appeared to be vindicated when the US Navy captured 1.8 million images of the lunar surface. 

Out of these huge number of images only 170,000 were made available to the public and the rest were given a classified status. 

This raised suspicions that the US government had indeed captured images of a secret lunar base. 

While the reports about extra-terrestrial activity on the Moon have yet to be confirmed, some people are still deeply suspicious about what is going on there. 

While NASA has made some proposals in recent years about a further exploratory mission to the lunar surface, these plans have come to nothing. 

In fact, there have not been any visits to the Moon by any space agency since the 1970s when the Apollo missions were abruptly brought to a halt without any apparent reason. 

If there is unusual activity on the far side of the Moon, then the space agencies of the world which are run by governmental forces have a monopoly on that information at this current time. 

However, with the expansion of private companies into the space travel business it is only a matter of time before this monopoly is eroded. 

Who knows what information will be uncovered about the enigmatic dark side of the Moon shortly?