‘Welcome to hell’: Hamburg burns, G20 protests spiral

Parts of Hamburg are under a blanket of black smoke. G20 protesters in the German city started a huge inferno as the summit of world leaders kicks off.

The summit sessions are now underway with Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump having shaken hands. 

But across the city hordes of protesters blocked streets by staging sit-down demonstrations at key intersections.

Reuters reports that streets and bridges leading to the summit were blocked as well as a road used by trucks at Hamburg Port.

Hundreds of left wing anarchists started fires and clashed with police. 

At least 29 activists are now under arrest and more than 150 policemen are injured.

We're working mostly with Samdesk – a UGC discovery platform - to help us geolocate and verify posts and surface dramatic videos from the city.

An anti G20 protester whistles the Star Wars Imperial March as armed police stomp the streets.

Hamburg police claim to have used water cannons at various points in the St. Pauli area "against troublemakers".

Hamburg police have provided an update on the number of officers injured during the ongoing clashes with protesters.

160 police officers have been injured over the course of two days of confrontations. They said a figure for the number of civilians injured is not known.

“Black Bloc” anarchists, who have been involved in riots around Hamburg, have been filmed smashing windows in the Altona district of the city.

In one of the videos rioters, with their faces clad in black, repeatedly attempt to smash a shop window using a road sign.

Some of the shops in the area boarded up some of their windows following Thursday night's disturbances.

Mounted police have been deployed to the streets to try and disperse the crowds of demonstrators.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has labelled the violent protests "unacceptable", AFP is reporting.


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