Some 400 People Evacuated in South of Spain Over Wildfire

Nearly 400 people were evacuated on Monday due to the outbreak of a forest fire in the Spanish province of Huelva in the Andalusia region, local authorities said.

A total of 250 people from the northern part of El Campillo town and its suburbs were evacuated, while 140 people were evacuated from the center for the intellectual disabled for precautionary reasons, according to the region's authorities.

Currently 130 firemen and 19 water-dropping aircraft are taking part in the fire extinguishing operation.

Last month, thousands of people were evacuated from homes and hotels in southern Spain due to the forest fire that was triggered by hot and dry weather and shifting winds, according to media reports.

​The extremely hot weather and careless handling of fire regularly provoke forest fire in Spain and in neighboring Portugal as in June the fire outbreak in the Portuguese municipality of Pedrogao Grande claimed lives of 62 people.