Israeli Defense Minister Hopes Other Countries to Move Embassies to Jerusalem

Israel hopes that someday all other countries in the world will move their embassies to Jerusalem, according to Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman expressed hope on Wednesday that someday all other countries in the world will move their embassies to Jerusalem.

"Unfortunately, [US] President [Donald] Trump has postponed the moving of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

Such move would be important, symbolic decision, with other countries possibly following the US example. Jerusalem will always be one and undivided city for us. 

We hope that sooner or later world's countries will respect our decision and move their embassies to Jerusalem," Lieberman said in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper.

The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 mandated that the US mission would be relocated from Tel Aviv no later than May 31, 1999, but every president since Bill Clinton has signed a presidential waiver every six months to avoid moving the embassy. 

During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to move US embassy to Jerusalem, thus recognizing the occupied East Jerusalem as a part of Israel. 

However, on June 1, Trump signed a waiver to keep the US diplomatic mission in Tel Aviv for at least six months instead of moving it to Jerusalem.

Israel declared Jerusalem its capital in 1949, but the United Nations recognizes East Jerusalem, including the Old City, as part of Palestine. 

Israel recaptured East Jerusalem in 1967, which is not recognized by a number of nations. 

Palestine seeks to establish East Jerusalem as its own independent state's capital.