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In Germany, there was recently a huge finding in the sexual trafficking department. 

German authorities were believed to have found a trafficking ring with as many as 90,000 members involved in a large-scale child abuse case. 

The site was being used for a global exchange of child pornography.


For those who do not know there is an underground part of the internet where people can request child pornography and pay for whatever fetish they want. 

It is essentially much like a build-a-bear store, a store that lets one build whatever teddy bear that they want from scratch. 

It was reported that some of the videos even included babies. 

The server was found one what prosecutors call a dark-net, one of the deepest forms of internet one could delve into. Several were arrested. 

However, there will be an endless supply of help that will need to come to help out these damaged children.

The site, known as 'Elysium,' "was used for global exchanges of child pornography by its members and to arrange meetings to sexually abuse children," prosecutors in the western city of Frankfurt said in a statement. 

Its 90,000 members traded images and video files of "the most serious sexual abuse of children, including babies, and representations of sexual violence against children," the statement continued.

"The suspect is believed to have been largely responsible for the creation of the technical infrastructure of the platform as its administrator," prosecutors said, adding that they had found the server used to store the site's data on the the so-called darknet during a search of his flat. 

Darknet sites like the one uncovered in the case are invisible to most internet users and can only be accessed by using encryption technology. 

They have repeatedly been used by criminals to trade drugs and weapons. 


One of the most beloved things in the worst is a child. 

When one gives birth to their child, adopts a child or obtains a career that focuses primarily on young and upcoming adults, there is a unique sense of love, because they are so innocent and oblivious to the many dangers that are around them. 

Their brains have not fully developed to understand that there are very many dangers around the world that could suddenly appear right in their face at any time. 

They have no control over such either, unfortunately, so it is often the job of friends, family, and society to try and assist in making sure kids are as safe as possible. 

A lot of people are not away of this fact, but sexual trafficking is still an extremely prevalent issue across the nation. 

There are over twenty million people in the state of Florida over in the USA, but a majority of them don't realize that Florida is one of the grandest ports for sexual trafficking. 

Tampa, Florida is believed to be the biggest city in the world with the largest amount of sexual trafficking. 

People tend to think they truly understand what sexual trafficking is. 

However, there is much more than meets the eye. 

It is indeed modern-day slavery where the children are no longer allocated any rights. 

However, it is much more than that. 

Slavery was a brutal era during the 20th century as well as the previous centuries, however slavery in the 20th century at least allowed for some lodging and partial freedom. 

Modern-day slavery in the 21st century offers absolutely no kind of freedom to the individual who is suffering from such a brutal circumstance. 

They are essentially forced to create pornography. 

The most disturbing part about this is not only the fact that they are being forced to perform a series of unacceptable actions but the age of these children performing them.

 Children in their late teens are technically not even finished developing their bodies. 

However, sexual trafficking is forcing children who are not even ten years old to perform in child pornography. 

A very despicable act for these individuals to decimate the lives of so many innocent individuals. 

Women are a lot more prone to be sexually trafficked. 

However, there are many cases of young boys being thrown into the trafficking field. 

These individuals are underground and will literally auction off young girls and boys as if they are just an item that can be bought with money, thus the meaning of modern-day slavery. 

A price is paid and the buyer then essentially gets the rights to do whatever they want with the person. 

They are so proficient in keeping it underground that no one can ever pick out something who may or may be trafficking someone. 

People that pass by on the streets may actually be sexual traffickers and one would never know.


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