G20 Police, Accused of Wild Debauchery, Cleared of Any and All Wrongdoing

Hundreds of Berlin-based police officers, sent home from their deployment assisting in security for the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, have been cleared of charges including intoxication, public sex and misuse of firearms.

Some 220 Berlin-based police officers, brought to Hamburg to assist with security preparations for the July 7-8 G20 summit, were sent home last week following allegations of anti-social and unprofessional behavior, including public sex, intoxication, public urination and inappropriate use of service weapons.

Following an investigation into the incidents, Berlin's chief of police, Klaus Kandt, announced that the officers had been cleared of all charges, and added that most of the accusations were fabricated in the media.

"We can say with confidence that everything that was reported in the media was clearly exaggerated," Kandt asserted, according to Deutsche Welle.

Investigating earlier accusations of an array of anti-social and unprofessional behaviors, the police report asserted that, aside from off-duty noise and intoxication, the complaints against the officers were entirely made up.

Acknowledging that some of the behavior of the off-duty cops, including urinating on the facilities where they were billeted and excessive noise due to intoxication were "worthy of criticism," Kandt cautioned that the accusations revealed that the behavior of a single officer can affect the how entire police force is viewed.

The investigation found no evidence of property damage or other punishable offenses such as the inappropriate use of firearms, and reported that there was unquestionably no incidences of sex parties or orgies, according to Dw.com.


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