Mars. Desolate, dust covered and dry. 

Its how we have been told it is. 

But once, long time ago, Mars was just like Earth now, green and beautiful with rivers and oceans and why not, full of life. 

The fascination of people for the Red Planet began in the 1600s when the telescope was invented and so we could get the first images, however distant and unclear they might have been.

The first exploration flight of the planet took place in 1965 by the space probe, Mariner 4. Not only the United States was interested in exploring the mysterious planet, but also the USSR, China, Japan or Finland wanted to send space probes. 

Two-thirds of these devices failed before beginning their mission.


Recently declassified CIA documents show that the US espionage agency used remote viewing to see how it is the surface of Mars. 

January 2017, the CIA published over 13 million declassified documents. 

On May 22, 1984, the agency probably conducted one of the most bizarre experiments in the history of espionage. 

With the help of a remote viewer, the CIA tried to find out what the surface of the red planet looked like a million years ago. 

All of the researchers' questions and answers to the subject were noted in documents that remained classified "strictly secret" for 32 years. 

According to the report, the searcher who participated in the experiment received a sealed envelope containing a card with the following information: "Mars Planet. 

Date of interest: about one million years BC " The remote viewer read the message without opening the envelope. 

So the subject was not allowed to open the envelope before the experiment ended. 

The place on Mars - of which the CIA was interested - was verbally communicated to the clairvoyant. 

However, if the CIA representatives conducted the interview and later wrote the report, who were the "parties requesting the information"? 

At a first view of the area, the clairvoyant described "a pyramid or a pyramidal form," as well as a sand storm, apparently "the effect of a major geological problem." 

The document also mentions that the inhabitants of Mars, observed by the clairvoyant, were "thin and tall," but at the same time "very large people," wearing "strange clothes". 

We can only ask whether this information provided by the seer was considered true by the CIA and whether it was used in any way.