A giant prehistoric shark previously thought to be extinct for more than 20 million years has been captured by local fishermen off the coast of Pakistan, reports the Islamabad Herald this morning. 

Could the Megalodon still Live on the Ocean Floor? 

The Megalodon (C. megalodon) shark is undoubtedly considered to be the largest shark that ever lived on Earth and one of the largest vertebrate predators in history. 

They were found in the seas during the period of about 28 million years to ~ 1.6 million years ago, when they were eliminated during the extinction of the Pleistocene period. 

For reasons not yet clear, the megalodons were extinguished about two million years ago. 

One of the hypotheses is the temperature variation of the seas. 

According to experts, oceans a few million years ago had a warmer and more stable temperature, but the movement of the continents closed the connection between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the region where today is Central America, lowering the temperature of the waters and Extinguishing these giants due to their inability to maintain body temperature.


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