US Wants Space-Based Missile Defense to Spy on Global Launches

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are again pushing for a cutting-edge space-based satellite missile-tracking network to allow for the real-time observation of any ballistic-missile launch on the planet.

Similar to the much touted 1980s "Star Wars" space defense program, but envisioned as a cutting-edge surveillance tool rather than an offensive weapons platform, the network would seek to "develop a space-based sensor layer for ballistic missile defense," according to a subcommittee of the US Armed Services Strategic Forces, cited by Defense News.

"Our adversaries are actively working to exploit any of these gaps and seams. 

I'm not saying that space isn't without its flaws," the general added. 

"But I believe it's time we take a hard look at space as an option."

The five previous presidential administrations have supported proposals for a space-based missile sensor network, but those proposals have never made it past the drawing board, primarily due to the lack of available proven technologies and a dearth of ready-money to develop those tools.


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