US Senator: Trump Is Right to Support Arab-Led Effort to Change Qatar's Behavior

A US Senator has praised President Trump's decision to back he Arab-led crack down on Qatar as an opportunity to end terrorism funding once and for all.

The dispute between Qatar and Arab countries should be used as a chance to completely stop Doha's terrorism-financing activities, US Senator Tom Cotton said in a press release.

"[US] President [Donald] Trump is right to support the Arab-led effort to change Qatar's behavior once and for all. 

This situation is a strategic opportunity to seize, not a crisis to manage," Cotton said on Friday.

Cotton added that Qatar endangers the security of Gulf countries and the United States and stands in the way of the coalition's efforts to establish peace in the Middle East.

In a press conference earlier in the day, Trump underlined Qatar has been funding terrorism at a "very high level."

The US president stressed these activities must stop as soon as possible while other Arab countries continue their fight against terrorist organizations, including Daesh .