US Border Patrol Agent Attacked by Illegal Aliens in State of California

A US Border Patrol agent was assaulted in the state of California by immigrants who illegally entered the United States in the southwest US-Mexico border, US Customs and Border Patrol said in a press release.

According to the release, an El Centro Sector Border Patrol agent assigned patrol duties in Calexico, was assaulted Thursday afternoon.

"A Border Patrol agent responded to the area and attempted to apprehend the men. 

The men became resistive and the agent was kicked several times in the face by one of the men."

Additional agents responded to the scene, which occurred on Thursday, and apprehended the suspects, the release stated. 

The agent was treated for his injuries and taken to a hospital, the release added.

Media reported, citing Acting Chief of Border Patrol Carla Provost, that this year agents have reported more than 550 assaults as of June 1 compared to 300 assaults in the same period in 2016.


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