Spokesman for Trump’s New Legal Team Slams Trump on Twitter

US President Donald Trump’s legal team has a brand spanking new spokesman. 

The only problem? 

That spokesman has spent the last few months criticizing the president and his advisors on Twitter while praising special counsel Robert Mueller, who is in the midst of an investigation of Trump.

Mark Corallo, the newly appointed spokesman, has "MAGA" as part of his Twitter bio and frequently tweets and retweets pro-Trump content. 

However, he hasn't been shy about slamming the president when he feels Trump deserves it.

​Corallo went after Jared Kushner, calling for the president to "remove" him from his advisory position.

He also offered praise for Robert Mueller, a man he may be meeting in court sooner rather than later if the accusations against Trump stick.

"I don't know if there is a finer human being than Bob Mueller," Corallo told Politico, describing him as "the brother you want — the dad you want — he's the guy you want your daughter to marry."

Corallo defended his tweets in an email to the Times, saying that they proved he was not a "yes-man."

"I have not been shy about expressing my admiration and support for President Trump. I hold him and his family in the highest esteem both personally and professionally," Corallo wrote. 

"I have never been shy about expressing my opinions as a private citizen. 

I am not a "yes man," and the fact that I may have been critical of the administration on a few occasions is proof of that."

Corallo is a veteran of the public relations arena as well as an outspoken conservative, having begun his Washington career as the press secretary to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston in 1996.  

He is the spokesman for Marc Kasowitz, Trump's personal lawyer.

Corallo was initially considered for the job of White House communications director, but turned it down. 

The job went to Michael Dubke, who resigned in late May. 

The office is currently occupied by Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

"I think I will be more help to the president on the outside than I would have been on the inside," Corallo told Politico on June 18. 

"The order of magnitude is a little bigger than some of the other high-profile matters I've been involved in, but the president will be cleared because he did nothing wrong. Don't underestimate this guy."


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