Possible Lawsuit Against Comey for Leaks 'Obstruction of Justice' - Congressman

Any effort by President Donald Trump's lawyers to file a legal complaint against former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey would constitute an obstruction of justice, US Congressman Ted Lieu stated via Twitter on Friday.

On Thursday, Comey testified in a US Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that he shared the memorandum with a friend intending to leak it to the media after Trump tweeted about possible secret recordings of their conversations.

"In response to Trump lawyer’s complaint against Comey: Since no legal basis for this complaint, it would constitute more Obstruction of Justice. 

Fun fact: WH [White House] Counsel for Nixon went to prison," Lieu, a Democrat from California, tweeted.

Lieu was referring to reports that Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file a complaint with the Justice Department over Comey's leaking of memorandums about his conversations with the president.