Macron’s Party Wins 1st French Legislative Vote Round as 99.5% Ballots Counted

French President Emmanuel Macron's Republic on the Move (La Republique En Marche, REM) party leads in the first round of the French parliamentary election with 28.2 percent of popular support, French Interior Ministry said Monday, after 99.5 percent of votes counted.

The total of 28.2 percent of French throughout the country voted in favor of Macron's party, the  ministry’s data showed, noting that the biggest opposition party, The Republicans, received 15.8 percent of votes and was followed by Marine Le Pen's National Front with 13.2 percent of popular support.

Left-wing Unsubmissive France (La France Insoumise) and Socialist Party got 11 and 7.4 percent of votes, respectively, according to the ministry.

France held the first round of the legislative election Sunday. 

French citizens were electing 577 lawmakers to the country's National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, out of more than 7,800 candidates.