'Less Than Wise': Snowden Slams UK PM May for Campaigning Against Human Rights

US whistleblower Edward Snowden on Friday criticized the campaigning of UK Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party targeting the human rights in the country as it had undermined the positions of the party in the parliamentary vote, according to preliminary results.

On Thursday, the Britons cast their ballots electing the new country's House of Commons. 

According to exit polls, the ruling Conservative Party has lost the majority in the house, however it will still be the largest party in the parliament.

"This is all unconfirmed, but early reports indicate May campaigning on a platform of ending human rights in the UK was less than wise," Snowden said on his Twitter account.

The Conservative party previously held 330 seats in the House of Commons and intended to further increase the majority, as at the time of the snap election announcement in April, the party enjoyed an over-20-point lead over the Labour Party. 

However, early exit poll by Ipsos MORI/GfK for Sky News, BBC and ITV News put the Tories at 314 seats in the 650-seat house, while their Labour rivals improved their results up to 266.

On Tuesday, May said that she was ready to initiate amendments to any laws of the country, including those protecting human rights, if such legislation hinders the country's anti-terror struggle.


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