Explosion Reported at Brussels Train Station

A man at Brussels Central Station set off a small detonation, local media report. Police have confirmed that an explosion occurred.

Police said that the situation is under control after the assailant was shot and travelers were evacuated. ​

Police have confirmed that nobody else was injured. 

The attacked died, according to published reports.

"There was an explosion around a person," a police spokesman said, adding, "the person was nuetralized by the soldiers that were on the scene." 

It's not entirely clear whether the bomber had explosives strapped to his chest.

Brussels suffered a terror attack in March, 2016. 

Two suicide bombers set their bombs off at the Brussels airport while another bombing took place at the Maalbeek metro stop in central Brussels.

​Law enforcement has been on high alert for a year-and-a-half after Daesh terrorists carried out deadly attacks in Paris.

Currently, large numbers of armed police are on the scene and "everything is under control," police noted.

UPDATE: "This incident qualified as an act of terrorism," Belgian Federal Prosecutor office spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt said on Wednesday following the incident.

Swaths of tourists and local citizens were close to the station and had to be evacuated as security perimeter was established.

​The Hilton Grand Palace Hotel across the street from the train station had to be evacuated just moments after police insisted that the dust had settled. 

Bomb squads were called in to screen the area for the possibility of other explosives in the vicinity. 

Multiple witnesses told ABC News they heard two explosions occur followed by gunfire.