Al Green Pledges to File Articles of Impeachment Against Trump, if No One Does

US Congressman Al Green seeks to impeach President Donald Trump "for obstruction of justice".

US Congressman Al Green announced in a press conference on Wednesday that he would be the first representative to file articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, if nobody else considers the move.

"At some point if no one else does, I will file the articles of impeachment to impeach President Donald J. 

Trump for obstruction of justice," Green stated. 

"The question really is whether the president can obstruct justice with impunity."

On May 17, Green said Trump should be impeached for obstructing the FBI probe into the possible relationship between the president and the Russian government. 

Other lawmakers have resisted the idea as multiple investigations into Trump’s relationship with Russia continue.

Both the White House and multiple Russian officials have denied allegations of collusion, and Moscow has repeatedly denied it interfered in the 2016 US presidential election.