All sort of species walked the Earth since it's beginning, but no creature like the human species have existed millions of years ago. 

During that time there were several forgotten marine type creatures, reptiles, and insects. 

Or perhaps scientists were wrong all this time? 

There are many indications that humans may have lived in a much distant time than that we usually hear. 

There are findings of human skeletons dating back hundreds of thousands of years and strange tools meaning that some ancient human species were already a little advanced, if not much more advanced than we currently think.

But even more impressive are certain footprints that indicate that humans "set foot" on Earth's soil millions of years ago! 

Yes, that's right, millions of years ago. 

One such footprint is the 'Zapata track' found in New Mexico. 

The Zapata track is a big human footprint that dates back to the 'Permian Period', which is way before the existence of dinosaurs.