The arrest of the mastermind of the economic empire Sepah by “Security and Intelligence of Sepah”

General Masoud Mehrdadi 

According to news reports from Iran, General Masoud Mehrdadi ”Bonyade Ta’avone Sepah” board member, “Ansar Bank”, “Company Communication Mobile” , “Company Telecommunication Iran” as well as dozens of companies and other institutions belonging to the Sepah in “Yas Holding” belongs to the ”Bonyade Ta’avone Sepah”, the managing director engaged in economic activities in Iran was due to participate in large-scale embezzlement of 3.2 billion dollar with General Sajjadinia his deputy has been arrested by the “Sepah Security and Intelligence”.

One of the main activities of the “Yas Holding” identify valuable property and was troubled.

The “Yas Holding” property value and troubled many Iranians inside and especially outside the country at a low price bought and then solve the problems of the “municipalities”, “Urbanland organization” and relevant departments with the actual price to sell.

General Masoud Mehrdadi in the collection of works and memoirs by some of the Sepah army and those in the Iran-Iraq war martyr were especially collected works and memoirs of martyr General Hassan Bagheri him with well-known people like Yahya Rahim Safavi, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf , Aziz Jafari, Ghasem Soleimani, Hassan Polarak and Ali Akbar khoshlahjeh is appreciated.

General Masoud Mehrdadi ”Bonyade Ta’avone Sepah” board member, almost in a chair all companies, big and small, important and owned by “Sepah” of “Ansar Bank” to “Company Telecommunication Iran” leaning in such a way that from him as the mastermind of the business empire “Sepah” referred .

General Hosein Sajjadnia 

In july 2014 , General Masoud Mehrdadi’s name in one of the most controversial contract’s “Sepah” was raised.

The MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between “Tehran municipality” and “Sepah” for the first time July,7 2014 on the website “Rooz Online” was published.

Under the deal, Tehran civil projects with a maximum capacity of “5 billion dollar” for 4 years and was assigned to the “Sepah” and it was decided that “2.5 billion dollar” and must be paid in cash by the “Tehran municipality”.

In this contract, “Ansar Bank” “Sepah Cooperative Foundation” is owned as agent bank is specified.

At the end of all this MoU signed Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the mayor of Tehran with Isa Sharifi his deputy now from Iran to Sweden escaped, Seyed Davood Hashemi deputy finance and economy of “Tehran municipality”, General Jamal al-Din Aberoomand Deputy Commander in Chief of “Sepah” and Chairman of the ”Bonyade Ta’avone Sepah” board, Seyyed Parviz Fattah former CEO and current chairman of ”Bonyade Ta’avone Sepah” and current chairman of the “Relief Committee Imam Khomeini” and general Masoud Mehrdadi successor economic ”Bonyade Ta’avone Sepah” to be seen.

The report is to inform our compatriots in Iran and other countries has been prepared.

Hoping that Iran is a free country...


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