One of the oldest and wealthiest families in the banking industry is expanding into Silicon Valley, having opened a new business consultancy office in San Francisco aimed at technology at companies. 

Robert Leitão, the head of Rothschild Global Advisory, said of the expansion: "We have been serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area for some time, and the opening of our office there will allow us to strengthen our team, ensuring that our clients continue to have access to the best people and advice. " 


The new San Fransisco office follows the recent opening of a new office in Chicago, and the expansion has seen the firm headhunt several high-profile figures from the world of consultancy, including Chris Gaertner, who becomes the new global head of technology. 

The Rothschild family have been one of the wealthiest in the history of the world, boasting the largest private fortune ever amassed in the 19th century. 

In more modern times their interests and financial portfolios are varied, with family members owning businesses in areas such as high finance, real estate, mining, agriculture, and winemaking. 

There are theories tying the Rothschild family to the Illuminati, Freemason organizations and other new world order conspiracies. 

The news of their expansion into the world of technology will therefore not be universally welcomed. 

The Rothschild family is also accused of having masterminded economic crashes in several countries to profit from the buying and selling of financial products such as stocks and bonds. 

If such a family or company were linked to the Illuminati, controlling and influencing the joint areas of global banking and technology would make them immensely powerful. 

Not only this but it would allow them to develop technologies with the ability to spy on, control or otherwise influence the world population directly. 

Being Jewish in ancestry, the Rothschild family are also the subject of many far right conspiracy theories, such as the idea that they along with other influential Jewish families secretly control the world. 

These theories not fitting with the Illuminati theories since the Illuminati are thought to come from a relatively wide variety of backgrounds.