Canadian CF-18 Combat Aircraft to Patrol Skies Over Iceland

The Canadian Armed Forces announced that Ottawa is dispatching its CF-18 combat aircraft to Iceland.

Ottawa is dispatching its CF-18 combat aircraft to Iceland as part of Operation Reassurance to contribute to NATO deterrence efforts, the Canadian Armed Forces announced in a statement on Friday.

"A detachment of Canadian CF-18 Hornet fighters are ready and will begin patrolling Iceland’s airspace as part of Operation Reassurance on May 22, 2017," the statement noted. 

"For approximately one month, Air Task Force (ATF)-Iceland, based out of Keflavik Air Base, will provide continuous air surveillance and interception capability which could be launched immediately to meet and identify unknown airborne objects within, or approaching NATO airspace."

Air Task Force-Iceland is an upgrade of Operation Reassurance put forward by Canada at a 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw, Poland, the statement.

"Approximately 180 Canadian Armed Forces members of the Air Task Force-Iceland are deployed to Iceland for approximately one month," the statement said. 

"This contingent includes a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter detachment and personnel in support of Air Task Force Iceland."

Iceland is the only NATO country with no standing military forces of its own, the statement added.


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