Amateur Hour? Even Some Republicans Are Mad at How Comey Firing Was Handled

As Democrats – who months ago were calling for former FBI Director James Comey’s head – now flock to his defense, even some Republicans seem to be joining the confusion and condemnation of the move.

The mainstream conservative press is asserting that the White House is in disarray and unprepared on how to respond to media inquiries, as US President Donald Trump was apparently so secretive about his plans that it appears nobody in the press office was even filled in.

Fox News host Chris Wallace claims that they have not been able to reach anyone at the White House to get someone on his Sunday program to explain Trump’s logic behind the firing.

“You want to do it under the best circumstances, and one of the problems has been the disarray at the White House communications shop,” Wallace said on air. 

“The president has been blaming that on them, but the fact is it should be blamed on him because he didn’t seem to trust them enough to give them advance notice.”

Two unnamed Republican officials are also mad about how Trump handled Comey’s dismissal, according to a report from Axios.
The anonymous officials, who allegedly have “constant contact” with the White House, have called the situation a “debacle.”

Publicly, just about every Republican has either supported or stated that they understand why the firing had to take place – even the fiercest “Never Trump” voice in the Senate, John McCain.

However, “It is a debacle,” one of the anonymous sources told Axios. 

“They got everything – timing, rationale, reaction – completely wrong.”

The other unnamed source told the outlet that the administration should prepare for more leaks over the completely legal firing.

“The team are rank amateurs who picked a fight with the intelligence agencies and the FBI,” the anonymous official told the website. 

“Hard to unite those historically competitive organizations. And they have the ability to find out almost anything!”

Adding to the criticism of the White House press office, CBS journalist Bob Schieffer asserted that Trump is "making fools of his own staff. 

The White House appears to be in chaos. It is the original amateur hour, as we look at it from the outside."