PM Rutte’s party wins most seats in Dutch election – early exit polls

The Netherlands’ ruling People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy has won the most seats in parliamentary elections held on Wednesday, according to early exit polls. 

Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom is tied second with two other parties.

The People Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) has won 31 out of 150 seats in the Dutch parliamentary elections, according to the first exit polls released by national broadcaster NOS.

“This poll shows that people trust us,” Tamara van Ark, VVD campaign manager said, according to NOS.

The VVD's main rival, the far-right populist PVV movement led by Wilders secured 19 seats in the house of representatives.

Wilders, standing against the “islamization" of Europe, suffered losses in support days before the election, polls showed.

The final results will be formally announced by the Dutch Electoral Council on Tuesday March 21, almost a week after election day.

Informal talks are expected to begin on Thursday, but the formal process will be announced only after the new Parliament convenes on March 23.


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