Washington D.C. faces a big increase of recent missing children reports. 

The information has been kept solely to the D.C. police Twitter updates and close relatives of the missing. 

A blackout of media reports on these missing children has occurred. More than 12 youth, mostly Latina and African American between the ages of 13 and 15, are missing just this month and search efforts are relying solely on retweets on social media outlet Twitter.

Magazine Teen Vogue states @BlackMarvelGirl on Twitter posted that 8 black teenage girls had gone missing in the Metro area of D.C. in the past week. 

This garnered more than 35,000 retweets of her post in less than a 12-hour time frame. 

In addition, The Root reports that in only 10 days, 10 young people have gone missing without much media attention, or any at all, except the D.C. Police Department's Twitter account. 

It appears that Washington D.C. has an advanced problem with young people missing from their city, more specifically young women. 

In January 2017 at one point, there were at least 15 open cases associated with missing girls, according to news outlet Fox 5. inorities are put by the wayside? 

This conundrum was initially referred to as "missing white woman syndrome" by reporter Gwen Ifill of PBS. 

This occurs when mainstream media outlets give considerably more attention to cases of missing white women and basically ignore missing women of color. 

Natalee Holloway is a prime case which the young lady's disappearance received nearly non-stop coverage from all media outlets. 

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding the missing D.C. teens, please contact the Washington, D.C. Police Department immediately at 202-727-9099. 

An organization called Black & Missing Foundation also has a website that promotes more awareness of missing black people in the United States.


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