France May Lift 14-Month State of Emergency Left in Place Since Paris Attack

France is considering lifting restrictions put in place after the November 2015 Paris attacks.

The administration of French President François Hollande is considering lifting the 14-month state of emergency that was instituted in response to the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015, at six locations in and around Paris, including the popular Bataclan nightclub. 

The violence took 137 lives, including those of the seven shooters, and injured at least 368, almost 100 critically.

Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas announced Wednesday that France had "created the conditions that make it possible to exit the state of emergency, without weakening ourselves or remaining helpless in the face of the threat of terrorism," according to Yahoo News.

According to reports, the state of emergency, which was extended multiple times over the past year, was observed to be limiting freedom of movement in the country. 

Among other measures, under the state of emergency, French police were given the power to forbid travel to any citizen at any time.

The current extension period is set to expire on July 15, although no official date has been given for the withdrawal of restrictions.


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