The biggest threat to the world, as well as the most efficient and reliable source of energy, comes from the same thing: nuclear energy. 

All it takes is one mistake for the release of harmful nuclear radiation to cause a long-lasting and extremely negative impact throughout a given region of the world, similar to what happened in Fukushima, and Chernobyl.

The hacktivist group, Anonymous, has taken into account the unfortunate events of what occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant and the effects of its nuclear leak after the most recent Japanese earthquake caused its nuclear reactor to emit harmful radiation to the local population in the Japanese city. 

The radiation not only affects the people, but it impacts the food and water supply of this region as well. 

This has provided Anonymous with plenty of ammunition in its debate with what is happening in Japan. 

With its long half-life, the radiation is showing no signs of dying down and dissipating over time, but it is doing the exact contrary, as the radiation is multiplying and providing a hazard for the air, water, and ground. 

This radiation provides long-term sickness and multiple forms of cancer for anyone who is within the radius of the spread of radiation throughout this region and Anonymous is declaring that there must be something done. 

It is imperative. 

The group also states that multiple abortions will be sought out by Japanese women due to the deformations that their unborn babies will face as well as the various health disorders that the future generations will endure. 

What will the Japanese government do about this issue? 

A swift and responsible action must be decided on and enacted promptly.