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King of Jordan urges ‘provocative’ Netanyahu to put Israeli embassy shooter on trial

King Abdullah II of Jordan has issued a sharp rebuke to “political showman” Benjamin Netanyahu, who has given a hero’s welcome to an Israeli guard who shot an assailant and another man at the country’s embassy in Jordan.
“The Israeli prime minister is required to honor his responsibilities and take the necessary legal measures to ensure that the killer is tried and justice is served, rather than exhibiting political showmanship in dealing with this crime to score personal political points,” Abdullah said at a meeting of the National Policies Council at his Al Husseiniya Palace near the capital Amman, with statements later being posted to an official Twitter account.
“Such conduct is utterly rejected and provocative. It angers us all, threatens regional security, and fuels extremism. It is absolutely unacceptable,” added the monarch.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a personal audience to the guard, whose name has only been released as Ziv, praised him for acting “well and calmly…

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